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5 tips for moving your family from abroad to Colombia

When you move to a new country, there are many aspects to consider. You'll have to find the perfect home, enroll your children in school and learn to live in a different culture.


Here are 5 tips for moving your family from abroad to Colombia:


•  Education: Your children will need to enter school or university in the new country. It is important that they have access to good education opportunities and universities that can help them build a solid foundation for their future careers.

•  Health and insurance: It is a priority to access health services and have insurance coverage for your family. Colombia has excellent health services and systems.

•  Documentation: Make sure you have sorted all the paperwork before moving abroad, including visas and passports, which can take time, especially if you need visas from several countries like Canada/United States/Australia, etc. And make sure you have found the house in which you wish to move

•  Experienced allies: Look for a company with specialized experience in international moves to help you with all the logistics, such as the packing and unpacking of items safely and their storage until they reach their final destination (which can take several weeks).

•  Prepare for the cultural differences between you and other people living in Colombia, including different languages and customs.

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