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About Relocation

ABC M&R has a specialized team that seeks to ensure its clients the best relocation program for each particular case and thus make their stay and relocation to Colombia a pleasant and unforgettable experience by providing excellent support service to the destination.

We have the ability to provide personalized attention to each client to generate a single point of contact and support, which will facilitate the adaptation process in Colombia. Furthermore, we understand that international corporations and government agencies need to reduce the costs of international relocation of their employees. For this reason, we have worked to build strategic alliances with specialized providers in each area to ensure that we offer the highest quality of services at favorable prices and lower than expected.

Relocation services

Based on our broad portfolio of services, we can create unique and customized programs for international corporations, executives, government entities, and individual clients, including:

Exit services

Medical tourism

Search for schools and universities

Cultural training

Complementary services on housing search

Search for house

Temporary accommodation

Reception and assistance at the airport for expats

Decision prior to trip

Custom programs for corporate clients

Face to face services

Assistance for spousal career counseling services

immigration solutions

Relocation solutions

Moving Solutions

About ABC M&R

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