✓   Warehouses equipped for domestic storage

✓   Closed security system

✓   Inventory management

✓   Repackaging

✓   Partial deliveries

Industrial user of services

Authorized to carry out, among others, the following activities:

✓   Logistics, transportation, handling, distribution, packaging, repackaging, packaging, labeling or classification.
✓   Telecommunications, ITC systems, call center, back center, data center, back office, data transmission and operation and management of databases.
✓   Scientific and technological research.
✓   Medical, dental and general care.
✓   Tourism.
✓   Repair, cleaning and quality testing of merchandise.
✓   Technical support, maintenance and repair of equipment, boats, aircraft or machinery.
✓  Audit, administration, intermediation, consulting or similar services.
✓   The services must be provided exclusively within or from the FTZ area, provided there is no physical mobilization outside the FTZ of the party providing the services.